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Flower Essences direct Clarity and Understanding from your Divine, eternal Soul into your emotional and physical body, assisting greatly with the release of old belief systems and behavior patters, often sub conscious, which are based on war like responses to life and do not serve you anymore in this time of ascension into higher dimensional realms which are completely without war. These virtues were offered as channeled teachings by Ascended Master St. Germain, in 2009. In 2017 I tested my almost 80 Black Hills Flower Essences for the appropriate blends to encourage the acceptance of these virtues in us.

The individual blends come in 1/2 oz dropper bottles and can be purchased:

1. as a kit with all 12 Spiritual Virtue Essence blends or

2. individually in 1/2 oz dropper bottles

3. in a (4 dram) dropper bottle as personalized essence blend which are tested from 3 kits - Zodiac, Health Talisman and Spiritual Virtues:

11 Health Talisman: Addiction - Arthritis & Gout - Broken Heart - Fertility - Heart & Blood - Lungs & Breathing - Migraine - Slow Recovery - Skin & Hair - Stress & Anger - Surgery & Scars

12 Essential Touch Zodiac Blends: Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius - Piesces

12 Spiritual Virtue Blends: Courage - Clarity - Grace - Nobility - Authority - Honesty - Vision - Wisdom - Integrity - Truth - Faith - Love


1.- A Kit of 1/2 dropper bottles with all 12 Spiritual Virtue Essence Blends is available @ $ 159.00 - Free Shipping

2. Individual Essence Blends and personalized options:


When lacking...

Courage - Strength

Having the ability to step out into life with a centered knowing, confidence, and understanding of self. Courage is the absolute faith to stand with yourself when others are saying: That is impossible or wrong. It can appear out of seemingly nowhere when acting in complete faith of the support from the unseen.


Fear - Weakness

The condition of the unknown. There is no fear of things when we understand who we are. Fear lives only in the unformed future and is therefore illusive as we create our own future in every moment of the present through the feelings, thoughts and actions we focus or dwell on.

Clarity - Informed

Gaining clarity is the ability to go within and hear / see / feel the truth of the divine self, to see through the illusions of the world and to free oneself to greater understanding.


Confusion – Out of Touch

To believe things about self and others that are painful and unfounded in truth. Illusion is what we understand as physicality. Universal principals are real, but cannot be touched or seen.


Grace - Blessing

The state where nothing is required, where you do not have to do anything in order to be loved. Grace is an unconditional state of peaceful and balanced beingness, open to all without judgment, remembering that we are all equally beloved masters.


Ego Driven – Disorder

Feeling as though there is no resting place, no sense of order, only scattered forces. Confusion occurs when you desire to make choices strictly from your mind or ego, referring to past results, without listening to the soul's voice within.

Nobility - Graciousness

Nobility is a state of being in harmony and naturally comfortable with oneself, without having to prove one's worth to anyone. Nobility is not a birth right, but the confidence in one's divine right to prosperity and abundance, joy and fun in life.


Unnoticed - Diminished

The feeling of worthlessness and being less than others, going unnoticed in society. Blaming one's life on societal circumstances and believing in not having the power or right to change that status in life for oneself and by oneself.


Authority - Dominion

Being the author of one's own life and taking full responsibility for one's actions. Understanding that the dominion over the response to any event, life presents to us is our own alone and our divine right.


Dominance – Insecurity

Only cowards feel the need to bully others and express their dominance over other living beings at every turn in order to convince others of their presumed authority over the situation, person, animal or nature.


Honesty - Truthful

To speak one's current understanding truthfully and with compassion at all times. People, honest with themselves have little fear about what others will discover about them. They are at peace with their truths.


Deception – Deceitful

Refusing to speak clearly and truthfully about a situation, condition or person or persons. Deception is attempting to convince others that you are doing what you say you will or who you are is not what they are seeing.


Vision - Clarity

Seeing and feeling beyond physical appearances, as well as to have a vision, a dream for one's life. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, clairsentience are human abilities, guiding us to see, hear, feel and experience clearly our present and future life events.


Toxic Thoughts – Self -Destruction

Anger, greed, judgment, resentment, conflict are negative visualizations, denying self and others to be of equal divinity. Without a vision for life, life itself becomes sad and small, with ever more limiting options for fulfillment.

Wisdom - Consideration

Considering the outcome of every action with regards to the highest good of all concerned. A wise person carefully weighs one's responses for possible long term effects and consequences for self and others. Responding with consideration to all life events.


Reaction – Emotional Response

Hasty, emotional loaded responses to life's situations leading to short-sighted choices. Believing, that opinions are actual truths, preferably to be agreed upon and followed by others without considering any possible consequences to self or others.

Integrity - Self-Worth

Following one's own heart and convictions without diminishing the integrity and beliefs of others. Integrity is also having the courage to change one's opinions and consequent actions openly when life presents new facets and facts.


Following – Fence Sitting

Feeling that others are in charge and responsible for what happens in one's life. Following others without question and watching from the side line rather than taking action to fulfill one's life dreams.

Truth – Divine Law

Truth requires no argument – truth is. It would rather be lived than spoken about. The wast expansive, dynamic energies of truth and love are the main virtues in life, intertwined in the two main DNA strands of our physical body and in complete alignment with higher consciousness.


Opinions - Illusions

Not truly standing behind one's opinions and actions. Living self absorbed without true regard for self worth or others well-being. Opinions feel tight in the Solar Plexus and always seem to require proof and the need to be right. The ego takes truth all too easily into battle and conflict.

Faith – Trust

The evidence of things unseen. In the human condition. Faith is a sense within self that life is well, working, all right, even though there is no tangible proof in the moment.


Doubt – Disbelief

To question all that your truth or your faith would show you. Doubt is living without faith, seeing no proof and judging the possibility for positive outcomes.

Love - Embracing

The unconditional allowing of others to be themselves without judgment. Love, as an emotion is considered the romantic quality of a partnership. Love, as an unconditional understanding is embracing all beings, things and events without judgment.


Hate – Denial

To have a violent, judgmental attitude. Hatred is an energy of fear and judgment that disallows the possibility that the hated object of your attention could ever be part of your self. Hate is a highly negative creative force and like attracts like, always.





You are an incredible woman, Isa! I feel the connection you have with spirit increasing each day as you continue your journey. I am so glad that our paths have crossed - Mary Gabriel, FL

Interesting perspective, never heard of flower essences. I do admire your calm spirit. You are certainly a most special person - Chad Lewis, CO

Scott told me stories of when he first met you while doing fairs. He said you were one of the few that he would get readings from because you were clear and you told it how it was. He was very impressed with your intuition and gifts - Mary Gabriel, FL

That was a most uplifting reading you gave me and I don't think that I have ever had one as happy and uplifting as that - Linsey Mclean, SD

I remember Isa doing healing sessions on me in Germany more than 16 years ago and never will forget that. It was the best experience ever - Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg, AZ

I felt very relaxed after the healing and slept very very well that night - Linsey McLean, SD

Danke, Isa. Also, thanks for the reading yesterday, wow, is all I can say - Judi Joba, SD

Thank you Isa for being such a wonderful friend and for all you have done! - Sassia, AZ

Hi Isa, thank you for the reading - it was accurate as the situation stands. - Elena

Hello, I had a very happy and uplifting reading that really made my day! - Christine

absolutely wonderful reading - Deanna

I am an energy worker and healer, so I can appreciate her assistance as we all need it regardless of what we do.- Amy

You were right on about the dog. I had no idea - my brother had just thrown that question my way with no explanation. I got the explanation late last night - very much a confirmation of your reading. - Kayte, SD

This was one of the best readings I have ever had! Isa you were on with every thought and feeling i have been having. thank-you so much! I will definitely call back...Jacquie